Painting the Walls With Purpose

Through the Darkness is a six-member hard rock/alternative metal band from central Iowa.  They have performed at some of the biggest venues in Des Moines such as the Seven Flags Event-Center, Val-Air Ballroom and Wooly's.  Some of the national acts they have performed with include Five Finger Death Punch, Falling In Reverse, For Today, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Alien Ant Farm, Smile Empty Soul, Eyes Set to Kill, Like Moths to Flames, Fit For a King, and Angel Vivaldi.  All members currently reside in Grand Junction, Boone, Perry and Jefferson Iowa.

Pictured left to right: Kristopher Gathercoal (Lyrics & Guitar), Tyler Gathercoal (Drums), Cameron Stevens (Vocals), Claudia Coltrain (Keys & Violin), Andrew Gathercoal (Vocals), Chaz Wessels (Bass Guitar), Justin Saffell (Lead Guitar).

Claudia Coltrain is a guest musician Tyler met while competing against her in the Bill Riley Talent Search at the Iowa State Fair in 2013.

"Paint the walls with purpose' is a metaphor for making your mark.

We use the music we write and perform to express ourselves.

This album is our individualisms painted on the wall

and every song is a different painting.

Your ""painting"" on society and the local scene is your individualism.  Whether you like to write, paint, draw, sing, play an instrument, play football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, run track, swim, or act.  Whatever it is you enjoy to do, pursue it.  We believe in following your dreams and pursuing a career or hobby that you're passionate for.  Don't let anyone tell you that you're dreams are unachievable.  With the right amount of passion, hard work and dedication you can do anything.

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