Below are paintings reflecting on either characters or stories within 'The World in the Winds'.

The Creature Inside
""We all have within our blood the ancient instinct of an animal.  Only with the evolution of our species did we begin to seperate the man from monster and yet, to this very day, does that beast lay dormant within us, aching for freedom.  All of us eventually succumb to the liberation of this demon - even you.""

-Excerpt by Kristopher Gathercoal

-Painting by Matt Graves

-Painting by Tony Sims

Becoming Mortal
""Night had fully descended upon the plaines, chilling the skin of young Cateline.  She began to shiver for the first time in her life, and thus she struggled to the shore of the lake where she collapsed.  In her reflection could she see her lips fade from pink to blue, and realized that she no longer held the appearance of the tiny, eternal fairy she'd always known herself to be.  Instead she had grown into the body of a young woman, a human, who could feel the uncertainty of death as it crept outward from the mortal heart she had wished to possess just hours before.""

-Excerpt by Kristopher Gathercoal

-Painting by Tony Sims

Dahlia Gale
""A choral song began, somewhere close by, and echoed from many directions all at once.  The lone singer neared, prompting the flowers to bloom and lean into the direction of her feminine voice.  Everything was enveloped in harmony; the rabbits came out of hiding, and the squirrels began to play, and somehow the forest itself seemed to join the girl in song as if the plants could hum her melody.
It was Dahlia Gale, whose lips barely moved despite the enchanting song they emitted upon the woods.  She could usually be found hiding in the shadows of the flowers, or in the beams of sunlight that hovered between the grass and trees, where she danced in a way that resembled a leaf stuck in a slow whirlwind, hovering and twirling in place for moments at a time before skipping about from limb to limb.
Finally she descended like a ghost from the sky to continue her elegant sway on the ground.
"Where will you go when the leaves have fallen, and the snow begins to fall?" asked Benjamin.
"Though the forest may appear to die," answered Dahlia, "it's life does not simply vanish.  In many ways, it will remain forever; just like me."""

-Painting by Matt Graves

The Mechanical Man
"""Much of his figure is silver, or chrome, or grey," said Dahlia, "and if you manage to catch a glimpse of his blood-lit eyes, then you will know that he isn't a man at all.  He has surrendered himself to the Reaper, and has become nothing more than a host to all that is evil."""

´╗┐-Excerpt by ´╗┐Kristopher Gathercoal

-Painting byTony Sims

-Painting by Matt Graves

The Reaper of Realms
""´╗┐"Have you ever seen The Reaper?" asked Benny.

"Most certainly not," Dahlia answered, "though I've heard stories and seen depictions of the beast.  He's the instigator of all things chaotic and evil, and not just within the invisible worlds hidden all around you - his influence darkens the lives of those who live on Earth, too."

"Why have I never heard of him?" asked Benny, "my father has certainly never mentioned anything like that."

"The Reaper corrupts the weak to do it's bidding from yet another invisible world.  The impalement of thousands; the Holocaust; terrorism of any kind.  It's always been here, the force that fuels mankind with jealousy and hatred and other countless, digusting traits.  That's the Reaper - that's exactly what it wants."""

-Painting by Tony Sims

-Painting by Matt Graves